An introduction to the investigation, extraction, processing and specification of natural soil and rock materials, with an emphasis on why particular material properties are sought and how they may be modified.The book covers the full range of soil and rock construction materials including crushed stone, sand and gravel, natural and prepared roadbase, earth fill and rock fill, heavy clays, armour stone and dimension stone.

1. Preface. 2. Introduction to soil and rock materials. 3. Hard rock materials. 4. Sand and gravel. 5. Natural pavement materials. 6. Blasting and crushing. 7. Sizing and processing. 8. Aggregate and roadbase testing. 9. Concrete materials and mix design. 10. Asphalt and bituminous surfacing. 11. Earthfill and compaction. 12. Pavement materials and design. 13. Rockfill and ballast. 14. Wave protection stone. 15. Dimension stone. 16. Limestone and cementitious materials. 17. Brick clays. 18. Waste, by-product and synthetic materials. 19. Stabilization and pavement renovation. 20. Environmental planning and management. 21. Blast monitoring and control. 22. Quarry reclamation.