This book explores devotional Hinduism in a modern context of high consumerism and revolutionised communications. It focuses on a fast-growing and high-profile contemporary Hindu guru faith originating in India and attracting a transnational following. The organisation is led by a vastly popular female guru, Mata Amritanandamayi, whom devotees worship as an avatar and a healer of the ills of the contemporary world. By drawing upon multi-sited ethnographic fieldwork among the mata's primarily urban, educated 'middle class' Indian devotees, the author provides crucial insights into new trends in popular Hinduism in a post-colonial and rapidly modernising Indian setting.

chapter |24 pages


chapter |18 pages

Encountering the Mata

chapter |22 pages

An avatar with a mission

chapter |18 pages


chapter |19 pages

Spiritual pathways

chapter |17 pages

Experiencing divine love

chapter |19 pages

East meets West?

chapter |5 pages