Peter Groenewegen's reputation as a chronicler of the history of economics is unparalleled. Building on his respected collection on eighteenth century economics, this new book focuses on the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, reprinting essays on classical and modern economics. Several of the included essays have never been published before,

chapter |14 pages


part |2 pages

Part I Classics

chapter |19 pages

History and political economy

Smith, Marx and Marshall

chapter |8 pages

From optimism in progress to pessimism

Some major implications of Malthus’ first Essay on population (1798) for attitudes to growth and welfare in the nineteenth century

chapter |17 pages

Pickering’s collected Malthus

A review article

chapter |8 pages

Thomas De Quincey

‘Faithful disciple of Ricardo’?

part |2 pages

Part II Nineteenth-century moderns

chapter |13 pages

Perfect competition, equilibrium and economic progress

That wretched division of labour and increasing returns

chapter |18 pages

Marshall and Hegel

chapter |28 pages

Alfred Marshall – women and economic development

Labour, family and race

chapter |19 pages

Marshall on taxation