This guide has been designed to help undergraduates develop an understanding of practical research methods, and their application in the undergraduate dissertation.

Written in an accessible and engaging style, it offers advice on all aspects of undergraduate research, from choosing a dissertation subject through to presenting the finished article.

Features of this book:

  • concise chapters which provide an introduction to various aspects of research methods, including: why it is important; quantitative and qualitative methods; and practical application
  • advice, hints and tips on planning, presenting, researching and writing undergraduate dissertations
  • a wide range of examples of research to clearly illustrate different issues and methods which students may encounter
  • guides to further reading and thinking at the end of each chapter.

1. The Undergraduate Dissertation and the Role of Research  2. Research Design for the Undergraduate Dissertation: Principles and Practice  3. Defining the Problem: The Research Proposal for the Undergraduate Dissertation  4. Refining the Problem: Literature Search and Review  5. Quantitative Research and the Empirical Dissertation 6 . Qualitative Research and the Empirical Dissertation  7. Making Sense of it All: Critical Thought and Data Analysis  8. Making Sense: Drafting, Completing and Submitting the Dissertation