Re-thinking Careers Education and Guidance is the first book published in the United Kingdom to cover theory, policy and practice in all sectors of careers education and guidance provision. The book features:
* an authoritative review of career theories, together with a new career learning theory
* an analysis of the development of careers provision in schools; colleges; higher education; work organisations; the Careers Service, and in other agencies
* an examination of the main aspects of practice
* an exploration of ways of supporting development and evaluation
* an analysis of the role of public policy, and the development of guidance systems in other parts of the world.
Re-thinking Careers Education and Guidance is an essential text for students in initial training, those engaged in in-service and higher degree work, and reflective guidance practitioners.

part |1 pages

Part I Theory and context

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Part III Practice

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Part IV Development

chapter |13 pages

Staff development

chapter |11 pages


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Part V Policy