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chapter |23 pages

The acquisition of conceptual knowledge in science by primary school children

Christine Howe, Andrew Tolmie and

chapter |27 pages

Thinking as argument

chapter |31 pages

The microgenetic method

Robert S.Siegler and Kevin Crowley

chapter |31 pages

Piaget and measurement II

Trevor G.Bond

chapter |20 pages

Higher-order structure and relational reasoning

Usha Goswami and Ann L. Brown

chapter |22 pages


Carl N.Johnson and Paul L.Harris

chapter |13 pages

Conditional reasoning with false premises

Henry Markovits

chapter |33 pages

The ontology of order

chapter |35 pages

Children and arithmetic

chapter |20 pages

Beyond competence and performance

Michael Chapman and Michelle L. McBride

chapter |27 pages

Judgements and justifications

Leslie Smith

chapter |17 pages

Proof construction

Carol Foltz, Willis F.Overton and Robert B.Ricco