As adults, we are all continually involved in learning, with increasing numbers of us engaged in more formalized forms of learning; that is, in education or training. All those involved in the broad field of adult education and training will come into contact with many specialist ideas or concepts. It is often assumed of students that they already have a general understanding of these concepts, their meanings, applicability and inter-relationships. This is not always the case.
This book examines in detail over forty of these key concepts, ranging from community education and experiential learning to competence and access. It presents a clear, analytical discussion in jargon-free language. It is, therefore, indispensable to all students and practitioners of adult education and training.

chapter |11 pages


chapter |25 pages

The Core Concepts

chapter |17 pages

International Concepts

chapter |20 pages

Institutional Concepts

chapter |18 pages

Work-related Concepts

chapter |26 pages

Learning Concepts

chapter |19 pages

Curricular Concepts

chapter |17 pages

Structural Concepts

chapter |13 pages

Conceptual Understandings