Autism and Asperger Syndrome reviews what is known about adults with autism in terms of their social functioning, educational and occupational status. Focusing mainly on the problems experienced by high functioning people with autism - and those working with and caring for them - the book offers practical ways of dealing with their difficulties. Each chapter makes use of clinical case material to illustrate the kinds of problems faced and ways in which they may be overcome. First-hand accounts from people with autism are included and links with psychiatric illness in later life are explored.

This updated edition is helpful to both professionals and families with autistic children and has been completely updated to take account of the latest research in the field. It also includes an additional chapter on the differences between autism and Asperger syndrome.

chapter |4 pages


chapter 2|27 pages

Outcome in autism

chapter 3|21 pages

Interventions for autism

chapter 4|31 pages

Problems of communication

chapter 5|39 pages

Social functioning in adulthood

chapter 7|34 pages

Secondary education

chapter 8|27 pages

Further educational provision

chapter 9|37 pages

Coping with and finding employment

chapter 10|30 pages

Psychiatric disturbances in adulthood

chapter 11|13 pages

Legal issues

chapter 12|21 pages

Sexual relationships and marriage

chapter 13|17 pages

Enhancing independence