This book draws from the real-life experiences and perceptions of teachers in secondary and primary schools, and documents their ideas on how they define their job, the difficulties they face in the classroom and the support they need. Different approaches to teacher support are considered and the book includes an in-depth case study of a school that tried to implement some of these approaches. Key issues covered include:

  • the motivations and needs of teachers and pupils
  • the gaps between theory and practice in the professional role and performance of the teacher
  • the behaviour of pupils and their views on the classroom
  • working with support staff
  • the assertive discipline system.

Drawing on her own experience and the experiences of others, Diana Fox Wilson recommends that teachers are supported by a classroom environment that fosters insight and understanding between pupils and teachers, and urges a culture of change that recognises teachers as a crucial influence on young people's lives.

Supporting Teachers Supporting Pupils is packed with helpful and practical advice for all teachers. It will be a reassuring read for any teacher finding themselves feeling stranded in the classroom.

chapter |10 pages


part |2 pages

Part I What are we here for?

part |2 pages

Part II Support—prop or validation?

chapter 3|26 pages

A system with a human face

chapter 6|14 pages

Personal and professional development

part |2 pages

Part III The talking school

chapter 7|10 pages

A supportive school

chapter 8|14 pages

7 The conflict model of schools