Empty Meeting Grounds continues Dean MacCannell's search for the cultural subject that is about to emerge from the encounter of the ex-primitive and the post-modern. It contains fascinating chapters on `Cannibal Tours', `The Desire to be Postmodern', the Vietnam Memorial in Washington D.C., the Statue of Liberty Restoration Project and the urbanization of Yosemite Park.

chapter |14 pages


part |2 pages

Part I

chapter |57 pages

Cannibalism today

chapter |13 pages

Orange County, Yugoslavia

chapter |27 pages

Postmodern community planning

Notes on the homeless and other nomads

chapter |5 pages

Nature Incorporated

part |2 pages

Part II

chapter |26 pages

White Culture

chapter |14 pages

Reconstructed ethnicity

Tourism and cultural identity in Third World communities

chapter |10 pages

The Locke case

part |1 pages

Part III

chapter |47 pages

The desire to be postmodern

chapter |25 pages


chapter |25 pages

The future of ritual