There are many challenges to Web site management: collecting and collating information, developing a design style, managing updates, and ensuring a consistently interesting, topical and informative site are just some of them. Whether working as a team or individually, Web site managers must frequently develop skills, solutions and services in relative isolation.
This book acts as an invisible support team, with acknowledged experts sharing their experiences in specific areas of site development. As well as the expert contributions, this book includes a wealth of advice from the information community, with timely tips submitted by Web and information professionals.
Contents: Introduction; Content gathering; Design and style; Structure and navigation; Accessibility and interoperability; Databases and directories; Intranet; Security; Team management; Managing copyright; Maintenance and updating; Promotion and marketing; Appendix; Index.

chapter |1 pages


chapter 1|12 pages

Site Definition and Planning

chapter |35 pages

Case Studies 1

chapter 3|24 pages

Page Design and Graphics

chapter 4|12 pages

Site Quality and Accessibility

chapter |32 pages

Case Studies 2

chapter 5|4 pages

Web Site Policies and E-Commerce

chapter 6|16 pages

Marketing and Promotion

chapter |1 pages