Reorganising Power in Indonesia is a new and distinctive analysis of the dramatic fall of Soeharto, the last of the great Cold War capitalist dictators, and of the struggles that reshape power and wealth in Indonesia. The dramatic events of the past two decades are understood essentially in terms of the rise of a complex politico-business oligarchy and the ongoing reorganisation of its power through successive crises, colonising and expropriating new political and market institutions. With the collapse of authoritarian rule, the authors propose that the way was left open for this oligarchy to reconstitute its power within society and the institutions of newly democratic Indonesia.

Introduction 1. The Metamorphosis of Capitalism: Theories of change 2. The Genesis of Oligarchy: Soeharto's New Order 1965-1982 Part 1 Explaining the Triumph of Oilgarchy 1982-1997 3. The Triumph of Oligarchy and the Subordiantion of Markets 4. The Triumph of Oligarchy and the Subordination of the Political Regime 5. The Disorganisation of Civil Society Part 2 Economic Crisis and the Fall of Soeharto: 1997-1998 6. The Oligarchy in Crisis: Economic catastrophe 1997/1998 7. The Unravelling of the Political Regime: 1997-1998 Part 3 Reorganising Power 1998-2002 8. Reorganising Economic Power: Oligarchy reconstituted 9. Reorganising Political Power: Oligarchy reconstituted Conclusion: Globalisation, democracy and re-accommodation of oligarchy