Scotland and Nationalism provides an authoritative survey of Scottish social and political history from 1707 to the present day. Focusing on political nationalism in Scotland, Christopher Harvie examines why this nationalism remained apparently in abeyance for two and a half centuries, and why it became so relevant in the second half of the twentieth century.
This fourth edition brings the story and historiography of Scottish society and politics up-to-date. Additions also include a brand new biographical index of key personalities, along with a glossary of nationalist groups.

Acknowledgements. Introduction: A sad nuisance. Part I 1. The Ballads of a Nation: Political Nationalism, 1707-1945 2. An Achieving Society: Unionist Scotland, 1707-1945 3. The Intellectuals, 1707-1945 Part II 4. Leaders to No Sure Land: Unionist Scotland, 1945-1979 5. Nothing Abides: Civil Society, 1945-1979 6. A dance to the Music of Nationalism, 1945-1979 Part III 7. The Stateless Nation: Society and Culture, 1979-1999 8. A Journey Which has no End: Politics 1986-2000 9. Answered Prayers: Scotland and her Parliament Chronology. Further reading. Index.