The last 20 years have witnessed a revolution in reading research. Cognitive psychologists, using high-speed computers to aid in the collection and analysis of data, have developed tools that have begun to answer questions that were previously thought unanswerable. These tools allow for a "chronometric," or moment-to-moment, analysis of the reading process. Foremost among them is the use of the record of eye movements to help reveal the underlying perceptual and cognitive processes of reading.

This volume provides a coherent framework for the research accomplished on the reading process over the past 15 years. It emphasizes how readers go about extracting information from the printed page and how they comprehend the text.

part |2 pages

Part One Background Information

chapter |32 pages

Writing Systems

chapter |51 pages

Word Perception

part |2 pages

Part Two Skilled Reading of Text

chapter |40 pages

The Work of the Eyes

chapter |29 pages

Inner Speech

part |2 pages

Part Three Understanding Text

chapter |45 pages

Words and Sentences

chapter |59 pages

Representation of Discourse

part |2 pages

Part Four Beginning Reading and Reading Disability

chapter |34 pages

Learning to Read

chapter |44 pages


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Part Five Toward a Model of Reading