This book is an accessible introduction to European monetary integration which provides a historical background to current debates, as well as an analysis of future developments. Further features of this book include:
* a chronology of economic and monetary unification from 1958-1999
* clear non-technical presentation of the economic issues regarding the costs and benefits of creating a monetary union
* detailed presentation of the economic and legal framework for the changeover to a single European economy
* evaluation of the Maastricht Treaty's plan for monetary union
* an overview of the debate between the federalist approach and the inter-governmental co-operation approach towards economic and political integration of Europe
* a set of questions and exercises illuminating the more technical parts of the book
European Monetary Integration 1958-2002 is an excellent resource for all those who want to discover the facts about European monetary integration which lie behind the heated political rhetoric.

Introduction: 'An ever closer union' , Europe and Charlemagne, Chapter 1 European economic and monetary cooperation: 1958-78, Chapter 2 European Monetary System (EMS): 1979-90, Chapter 3 From a customs union to the single market, Chapter 4 The Maastricht road to a monetary union: 1989-99, Chapter 5 From the ECU to the Euro