Occasionally, during times of peace, military forces achieve major warfighting innovations. Terry Pierce terms these developments 'disruptive innovations' and shows how senior leaders have often disguised them in order to ensure their innovations survived.

Foreword, Series editor's preface, Preface, 1. Introduction, 2. Explaining disruptive innovations, 3. US Marine Corps innovation: the development of amphibious warfare, 4. Post WorldWar II Marine Corps disruptive innovations: (I) helicopter warfare, 5. Post WorldWar II Marine Corps disruptive innovations: (II) MAGTF warfare combined arms operations, 6. US Marine Corps inchoate disruptive innovation: maneuver warfare, 7. US Marine Corps sustaining innovations and summary of disruptive Marine Corps cases, 8. US Navy sustaining innovation: continuous aim gunfire, 9. US Navy disruptive innovation: carrier warfare, 10. Disruptive innovation: Japanese carrier warfare, 11. US Navy disruptive innovation: CWC naval combined arms warfare, 12. US Navy sustaining innovation: carrier battle group concept, 13. US Navy disruptive innovation aborted: Project 60 defensive sea control warfare, 14. US Navy disruptive innovation: maritime action groups surface land attack warfare, 15. US Navy disruptive innovation: tactical collaborative network and a summary of disruptive Navy cases, 16. Conclusion, Notes, Bibliography, Index