This book is the first full-length study of a key security issue confronting the west in the twenty-first century, urban military operations - as currently being undertaken by US and UK forces in Iraq. It relates military operations in cities to the wider study of conflict and security in an era of urbanisation, expeditionary warfare and new power.

List of Illustrations, Abbreviations and Glossary, Preface, PART I: Rationalities, 1. Cities and Military Operations, 2. Thinking about Urban Operations, 3. Technology and War, PART II: Wasteland, 4. Policing, 5. Enforcement, 6. Warfighting, PART III: Reconstruction, 7. The Evolution of War, 8. Controlling Non-combatants, 9. The Intractable Nature of Urban Operations, 10. The Logic of Urban Operations, Afterword, Appendices, Select Bibliography, Index