This lively book is based on case studies written by heads from a variety of settings, each of them facing different problems and concerns. The issues raised are examined in-depth, including:
* improving the quality of pupils' learning experience
* effective staff organisation and development
* development of policy and the management of resources
* establishing good relaionships between the head, the school and the community

Introduction to the Studies; SECTION 1: Improving the Quality of Pupils’ Learning Experience Introduction; Study A Cooperative teaching; Study B Improving the quality of learning in Mathematics; Study C Managing curriculum development in environmental studies; Study D A new headteacher and the planning of change; Commentary on case studies A to D; SECTION 2: Staff Organization and Development Introduction; Study E School-focused staff development; Study F The introduction of mutual observation as a central activity in a staff development policy; Study G The Curriculum Newsletter—a catalyst for action; Study H Planned developmental opportunities—a strategy for growth; Commentary on case studies E to H; SECTION 3: Policy and the Management of Resources Introduction; Study J Control of the purse-strings—a case study of a local financial management scheme; Study K Capitation policy and resources use; Study L Leadership and cooperation in resourcing the curriculum; Study M Relating financial resources to curriculum development; Commentary on case studies J to M; SECTION 4: The Head, the School and the Community Introduction Study N ‘Grasshoppers’—a pre-school initiative; Study O Creating a partnership with parents; Study P Setting up a sex education programme in school: a consultation process; Study Q Establishing a school as a community; Commentary on case studies N to Q; Some Concluding Observations