The Critical Heritage gathers together a large body of critical sources on major figures in literature. Each volume presents contemporary responses to a writer's work, enabling students and researchers to read for themselves, for example, comments on early performances of Shakespeare's plays, or reactions to the first publication of Jane Austen's novels. The carefully selected sources range from landmark essays in the history of criticism to journalism and contemporary opinion, and little published documentary material such as letters and diaries. Significant pieces of criticism from later periods are also included, in order to demonstrate the fluctuations in an author's reputation. Each volume contains an introduction to the writer's published works, a selected bibliography, and an index of works, authors and subjects. The Collected Critical Heritage set will be available as a set of 68 volumes and the series will also be available in mini sets selected by period (in slipcase boxes) and as individual volumes.

chapter |1 pages


chapter |30 pages


chapter |1 pages


chapter 2|2 pages

Notice in Critical Review, September 1780

chapter 4|1 pages

Notice in Critical Review, August 1781

part |1 pages

The Village (1783)

part |2 pages

The Borough (1810)

chapter 25|5 pages

Review in Critical Review, July 1810

chapter 28|3 pages

Review in British Critic, March 1811

chapter 29|10 pages

Review in Christian Observer, August 1811

chapter 30|7 pages

CRABBE, Preface to Tales

chapter 31|7 pages

Review in British Review, October 1812

chapter 32|2 pages

Review in Scourge, October 1812

chapter 35|10 pages

Review in Critical Review, December 1812

chapter 36|6 pages

Review in Eclectic Review, December 1812

chapter 38|3 pages

Review in British Critic, April 1813

chapter 42|3 pages

R. H. DANA replies to Hazlitt, 1819

chapter 45|8 pages

Review in British Critic, September 1819

chapter 48|17 pages

Review in Christian Observer, October 1819

chapter 49|8 pages

Review in Monthly Review, November 1819

chapter 50|10 pages

Review in Eclectic Review, February 1820

chapter 51|9 pages

Comments by Crabbe's contemporaries

chapter 52|8 pages

HAZLITT attacks Crabbe, May 1821

chapter 54|1 pages

'Farewell, dear Crabbe!', 1834

chapter 58|2 pages

Review in Monthly Review, September 1834

chapter 59|2 pages

Review in Eclectic Review, October 1834

chapter 62|6 pages

Review in New York Review, March 1837

chapter 63|9 pages

Victorian views of Crabbe

chapter 64|7 pages

An early American assessment, 1846

chapter 66|5 pages

Another American view, 1850

chapter 69|2 pages

Fifty years after, February 1869

chapter 71|6 pages

A third-rate poet, 1873

chapter 72|14 pages

LESLIE STEPHEN on Crabbe, 1874

chapter 73|6 pages

A last American judgment, 1880

chapter 74|8 pages

FITZGERALD as Crabbe's champion, 1882