Introduced with a preface by Jacques Delors, this volume offers new insights and develops generalised theories about the nature of European integration. The contributors step back from the detail of the latest intergovernmental conference and budgetary negotiations to generate conclusions of enduring value. The issues dealt with include the following:
* Britain and integration
* intergovernmental conferences
* the rule of law
* making foreign policy work
* the democratic deficit.

chapter 1|13 pages

The book and the man

chapter 3|12 pages

Britain and Europe

chapter 4|12 pages

From closed doors to European democracy

chapter 5|13 pages

Making European foreign policy work

chapter 7|15 pages

The rule of law

chapter 8|13 pages

For a democratic Europe

chapter 9|11 pages

Dreams come true, gradually

chapter 10|10 pages

European federalism