Scientific soil prospecting methods can give dramatic pictures of buried archaeological sites, and sometimes information on what occurred within them, before any earth has ben removed. Dr Clark, who was one of the earliest to work in this field, has written the first general survey of an increasingly important area of practical archaeology.
The emphasis is on the principles and practical application of the well established techniques of resistivity, magnetometry and magnetic susceptibility, with shorter sections on emerging and less common techniques such as ground-penetrating radar, electromagnetic methods and phosphate survey.
This paperback edition updates and enhances the earlier book, adding new material such as the large-scale evaluation exercises now required as a precondition of planning consent for major developments.

chapter 2|10 pages


chapter |11 pages

Electrode configurations

chapter 3|18 pages



chapter 4|19 pages

Magnetic susceptibility


chapter 5|5 pages

Other Methods

part |1 pages


chapter 7|9 pages

Interpretation and presentation

Trace plots and manual interpretation

part |2 pages

Contour or isograph plots

chapter |4 pages

Dot density

chapter |3 pages

Grey-scale plots

chapter |8 pages

Filtering and smoothing

chapter 8|3 pages

Survey logistics

chapter |4 pages

Survey procedures

chapter |6 pages


chapter |12 pages


Chapter 2–Resistivity Electrical imaging Conductivity survey

part 5|1 pages

–Other methods Ground penetrating radar