The ability to ask intelligent and searching questions, to use questioning for different purposes and to know what to do with the answers is crucial to teachers of all subjects and age groups. Sometimes a whole lesson can be built around one or two key questions.

Ted Wragg and George Brown explore the wide range of questions that teachers can ask, from those requiring simple recall of information right up to those that stimulate complex reasoning, imagination and speculation. The book explores the various strategies open to teachers and, through a combination of activities and discussion points, helps them to:

* reflect upon their use of questions
* develop their approaches to preparing, using and evaluating questions
* explore ways to encourage pupils to ask questions.

This book is one of a set of eight innovative yet practical resource books for teachers, focussing on the classroom and covering vital skills for primary and secondary teachers. The books are strongly influenced by the findings of numerous research projects during which hundreds of teachers were observed at work. The first editions of the series were bestsellers and these revised second editions will be equally welcomed by teachers eager to improve their teaching skills.

1. Why Do We Ask Questions? 2. What Kinds Of Questions Do We Ask? 3. What Are The Tactics Of Effective Questioning? 4. What Kinds Of Lessons Do You Teach? 5. How Do Your Pupils Learn? 6. Are You 'Prepared' To Ask Questions?