Medical advances prolong life. They also sometimes prolong suffering. Should we protect life or alleviate suffering? This dilemma formed the foundation for a powerful right-to-die movement and a counterbalancing concern over an emerging culture of death. What are the qualities of a life worth living? Where are the boundaries of tolerable suffering? This book is based on a hugely popular undergraduate course taught at the University of Texas, and is ideal for those interested in the social construction of social worth, social problems, and social movements.

This book is part of a larger text, Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Decides?, https://www.routledge.com/9780415892476/

chapter I|3 pages

What Lies Ahead

chapter II|13 pages

Limits to Tolerable Suff ering

chapter III|15 pages

Alleviating Suff ering and Protecting Life

chapter IV|12 pages

God, Duty, and Life Worth Living

chapter V|16 pages

Assisted Dying