From the moment a child is born, they interact with the sensory world, looking at colours, feeling textures; constructing mental and physical images of what they see and experience. Within all early years settings and into primary school, the aim for the practitioner, is to provide as many opportunities as possible to stimulate, excite and ignite the visual and tactile imagination of the young children they teach.

Young Children as Artists considers how art can be managed, understood and relished as an essential ingredient towards the creative potential of each unique young child. The book focuses, on how to enjoy, celebrate and extend what a young child can do in art and show how engaged adults and the wider school community can become confident participants in the process of early years art making.

Full of practical advice, on to how to design, develop, resource and extend art and design environments within the early years setting, the book covers:

    • Developing skills for positive and participative adult interaction and engagement
    • Understanding and analysing child involvement in art
    • Planning for opportunities and responding to observation and schema in art and design
    • Practical suggestions for activities and resources (inside and out)
    • Ideas to explore sensory development and awareness
    • Ways to manage and savour the art transition into KS1
    • Ways to encourage parental participation and understanding of the art process with their children
    • Opportunities to engage with practising artists

This book will help to invigorate the art experiences offered in your early years setting by considering what is accessible, individual, inspiring and meaningful for young children and how you can best support their formative paths of enquiry.

1. The Journey of the Young Artist  2. Adult Engagement and Understanding of the Young Artist  3. Responding to Observations and Planning for Opportunities  4. Stimulating Environments  5. Taking the Artistic Journey into Key Stage 1  6. Parental Participation and Understanding of the Art Process  7. School Involvement and the Community