Grappling with ethical issues is a daily challenge for those working in organizations that deliver public services. Such services are delivered through an often bewildering range of agencies and amidst this constant change, there are fears that a public service ethos, a tradition of working in the public interest, becomes blurred.

Using extensive vignettes and case studies, Ethics and Management in the Public Sector illuminates the practical decisions made by public officials. The book takes a universal approach to ethics reflecting the world-wide impact of public service reforms and also includes discussions on how these reforms impact traditional vales and principles of public services.

This easy-to-use textbook is a definitive guide for postgraduate students of public sector ethics, as well as students of public management and administration more generally.

1. Managing Ethics in the Public Services  2. Ethical Theory: What is the Right Thing to do and Who is to Say So?  3. Public Interest: Is There Such a Thing and What Purpose Does it Serve?  4. Public Service Motivation and Ethos: Why do Public Officials Work Above and Beyond the Call of Duty?  5. Ethical Culture: What is it, is it Universal and How Can it be Changed?  6. Compliance Approaches: How Can We Police Ethical Standards and Behaviour?  7. Integrity Approaches: Can We Trust Public Officials to Police Themselves?  8. Ethical Performance: How Do We Know if We Are Doing Well and Good?  9. Leadership: Does Ethical Leadership Make a Difference?  10. Conclusion