Janko Lavrin's influential biography of Friedrich Nietzsche, originally published in 1948, analyses the bond between Nietzsche's personal fate on the one hand and the trend of his thought on the other, set against the background of contemporary crisis typical of mankind in general.

1.Introduction  2. The Alchemy of Pain  3. 'Out of Season'  4. The 'articfice of self-preservation'  5. Self-inquisistion  6. On the Margins of the Superman  7. Nietzsche and Religion  8. The Twilight of God  9. 'We Immoralists'  10. 'Nietzsche-Caesar'  11. Zarathrustra's Impasse  12. Nietzsche and Antiquity  13. Nietzsche and Erotics  14. Nietzsche and Politics  15. The 'Good European'  16. Nietzsche and Dostoevsky