Covering the period from 1558–1603, The Reign of Elizabeth I looks at all the important aspects of the reign of the last of the Tudor monarchs. The volume gives students the critical tools to enable them to perform to their best ability, drawing together the main issues on each topic and providing an accessible guide to the period. Using extensive sources and historiography, Stephen J. Lee explores:

  • the religious settlement
  • government and foreign policy
  • the economy
  • Elizabeth's relationship with Parliament
  • society and culture.

Also including a glossary of key terms and a helpful chronology, this is an essential tool for any student of British history.

chapter 1|21 pages

Elizabeth and her Government

chapter 2|16 pages

Elizabeth and Parliament

chapter 3|16 pages

The 1559 Religious Settlement

chapter 4|15 pages

Catholicism and the Catholic ‘Threat’

chapter 5|21 pages

Puritanism and the Puritan ‘Threat’

chapter 6|20 pages

Foreign Policy

chapter 7|19 pages

The Development of the Economy

chapter 8|17 pages

Society and Culture

chapter 9|20 pages

The ‘British’ Question