What do we mean by creativity? What is the link between creativity and critical thinking? How can creativity and critical thinking be incorporated into classroom practice and what are the benefits for students?

Creativity and critical thinking are central to effective teaching and learning and have a significant impact on students’ attainment, engagement, attendance and behaviour. This book draws on recent research and policy to provide teachers with a clear framework for understanding creativity and critical thinking and practically demonstrates how they can be incorporated into classroom practice.

Bringing together an expert team of contributors with a wide-range of experience of bringing creative approaches into the classroom the book includes:

  • an analysis of the issues associated with creativity and critical thinking
  • clear guidance on how schools can develop dynamic thinking and creative learning strategies and use them with all learners
  • advice on using external agencies to bring the creative perspective into schools
  • case studies alongside examples of current activities and practice in schools
  • links to resources and organisations who can offer support.

Providing clear guidance on the underpinning theory and policy and drawing upon current initiatives in schools, this book is essential reading for trainee and practising teachers that want to provide the best possible learning experience for their students.

1. An introduction to creativity and critical thinking; 2. Creativity in – creativity out - Creativity and Critical thinking in the context of Initial Teacher Training; 3. A Framework for Creativity in School; 4. Sowing the Seeds. Creativity and Critical Thinking in a Key Stage 2 setting; 5. A Question of integration – Creativity and critical thinking in the context of MTL: accreditation; 6. New Faces in New Places - How learning can be enhanced by contact with the creative industries; 7. Where to now? - What are the barriers and promoters of creativity? School strategies and classroom tactics