First published in 1984, Peace Through Education records the history of the first 45 years of the Council for Education in World Citizenship (CEWC). It describes the rise in interest of increased international understanding in the years preceding the book’s publication and highlights the influential role of the CEWC in encouraging educators to make the rising generations aware of threats to world peace. Created in 1939, at a time of tense international crisis, the organization’s record is both an important and fascinating story. The book provides an overview of the history and work of the organization and assesses how far the Council has achieved its objectives, and how successful it has been in satisfying needs and wielding influence.

chapter 1|40 pages

The Setting

chapter 2|34 pages

Origins in War

chapter 4|20 pages

Administration and Finance

chapter 5|30 pages

Services Provided

chapter 6|24 pages