Black Intellectual Thought in Education celebrates the exceptional academic contributions of African-American education scholars Anna Julia Cooper, Carter G. Woodson, and Alain Leroy Locke to the causes of social science, education, and democracy in America. By focusing on the lives and projects of these three figures specifically, it offers a powerful counter-narrative to the dominant, established discourse in education and critical social theory--helping to better serve the population that critical theory seeks to advocate. Rather than attempting to "rescue" a few African American scholars from obscurity or marginalization, this powerful volume instead highlights ideas that must be probed and critically examined in order to deal with prevailing contemporary educational issues. Cooper, Woodson, and Locke’s history of engagement with race, democracy, education, gender and life is a dynamic, demanding, and authentic narrative for those engaged with these important issues.

Preface. Introduction. 1. Black Intellectual Thought: A Cacophony of Experiences, Movements, and Ideas. 2. A Great American Voice for Democracy: Anna Julia Cooper. 3. Carter G. Woodson Against the World: A Racial Project of Freedom and Resistance. 4. To Capture the Elusive: Alain Locke on Diversity, Cultural Knowledge and Race. Epilogue: On Black Intellectual Thought: The Matter of Black Lives