In many professions daily work life has become unthinkable without the use of a computer with access to the Internet. As technological innovations progress rapidly and new applications of interactional media are invented, organizational behaviour continues to change.

The central theme of this book is how new media affect organizational behavior and employee well-being. A variety of topics are considered:

  • applications of new media in both personnel psychology and organizational psychology
  • tools to improve selection and assessment
  • issues arising in the context of training, learning and career development
  • the use of online games for education and recreation
  • the impact of mobile devices on organizational life
  • the implications of new forms of collaboration by means of virtual teams.

The research documented in this volume consists of high quality, quantitative studies illustrated by lively practical examples. The combination of science and practice ensures that new insights supported by empirical studies are translated into practical implications. The book will be essential reading for researchers and students in organizational psychology and related disciplines.