At present about one million pupils truant from their schools on a daily basis and this book examines why they do it. The numerous reasons for truanting discussed are:
* disadvantageous home backgrounds
* problems with settling in socially at school
* poor performance in school
* experiencing bullying in school
* not coping with the transition from primary to secondary schooling.
This book focuses on the social, psychological and educational causes of truancy. It examines recent research and gives many examples of good practice while also detailing the latest solutions for tackling this problem.
The text is for teachers, heads of year and department heads, senior school managers, education welfare officers, social workers, educational psychologists, parents and all those with an interest in educational policy and practice.

1 The Consequences of Truancy 2.Types of Truants and Incidence 3.Types of Truancy 4.The Causes of Truancy: Social Perspectives 5.The Causes of Truancy: Psychological Indices 6.Educational Causes of Truancy 7.Government Initiatives 8.School Based Initiatives 9.Whole-School Approaches to Reducing Truancy 10. Improving School Attendance 11.Teachers, Teaching and Truancy 12.Tackling Truancy: Records of Achievement and Work Placement Schemes 13.OFSTED: Guidelines on Attendance and Truancy 14. Parents and Truancy 15.Education Welfare Service