In this important book, editor Michael Ross brings together the latest knowledge and research concerning the relationship between HIV and AIDS and sexual functioning. HIV/AIDS and Sexuality explores the experiences of being HIV-infected and the impact of infection on an individual's sexuality. It describes differences that may be associated with individuals who are infected or concerned about infection, and it provides new in-depth analyses of the effect of HIV on sexuality and sexual risks. The book provides clinical perspectives on sexual problems associated with HIV infection as well as some treatment approaches. Contributing authors represent the United States, Australia, and Europe and discuss heterosexual men and women, gay men, lesbians, and injecting drug users. This diversity provides a more complete picture of the experiences of people with HIV in terms of explicit and implicit sexuality. Chapters include cross-sectional and cohort study designs as well as qualitative, quantitative, and clinical approaches. Some of the topics explored are:

  • the centrality of sexuality to equality of life and identity and the impact of HIV on sexuality in gay-identified men
  • the psychological impact of making changes in sexual behavior on gay men with HIV infection
  • risk behaviors in seropositive and seronegative women
  • a study of a cohort of HIV-infected women associated with the military
  • sexual addiction in gay men and its association with HIV risks
  • overt and subtle communications processes that occur between health care providers and clients about sexuality and HIV
  • stages of change in safer sexual practices in a cohort of gay men
  • personality variables associated with risk and infection in both homosexual and heterosexual men

    HIV/AIDS and Sexuality opens up the area of sexuality in people living with HIV and focuses much-needed attention on the issues involved in sexual expression, HIV transmission risk, and living with HIV infection. This book is an illuminating exploration into the subject that helps professionals better understand their clients and thus provide more compassionate and effective care.

  • The Little Deaths: Perceptions of HIV, Sexuality, and Quality of Life in Gay Men
  • Calendars on the Wall: The Influence of Sexuality on Provider/Client Communication About HIV/AIDS
  • Sexual Attitudinal Conflict and Sexual Behavior Changes Among Homosexual HIV-Positive Men
  • Sexual Aspects of Adaptation to HIV/AIDS
  • Sexual Dysfunction in HIV-Seropositive Women Without AIDS
  • Sexual Risk Behavior Among Women With Injected Drug Use Histories
  •  Stages of Sexual Behavior Change to Reduce the Risk of HIV/AIDS: The Chicago MACS/CCS Cohort
  • Association Among Coping Style, Personality, Unsafe Sexual Behavior, Depression, Conflict Over Sexual Orientation, and Gender Nonconformity: HIV Status as a Modulating Variable
  • HIV as a Catalyst for Positive Gay Men's Desire for Clarification, Enhancement, and Promotion of Intimacy in Significant Relationships
  • Issues of Isolation and Intimacy for the HIV Infected, Sexually Addicted Gay Male in Group Psychotherapy
  • Index
  • Reference Notes Included