Discover the unique challenges confronting the club industry

As a distinctive sector of the hospitality industry, private clubs have their own unique set of challenges. Club Management Issues in Australia and North America provides a one-of-a-kind exploration of the membership, human resource, and other key management issues of the niche industry of private clubs—on two very different continents. This book closely examines the latest research to provide scholars and practitioners with a clear picture of the economic and social implications springing from the growth of the diverse private club industry while offering cogent discussions on effective management strategies.

The impact of economic downturns affects all sectors of the hospitality market, including the private club industry. Club Management Issues in Australia and North America illustrates the trends now seen in the club industry in two major world markets. The book examines the declining membership issues in the United States and presents thoughtful consideration of member recruitment strategies. Australia’s marked differences in private clubs are comprehensively explained, with a clear focus on the gaming aspect present there. An overview of the history of the club industry in Australia is presented, with emphasis on gaming machine operations and the positive and negative social and economic impact gambling has on the country. A thematic review of club management issues from years past gives readers a clearer understanding of where the industry is today and what areas need more empirical research. Employment relations are discussed in detail. A comparative analysis is also presented of the various challenges faced by clubs competing with one another. Legislative restrictions of advertising and marketing are explored, along with crucial membership and patronage issues.

The book provides:

  • research on changes in memberships in clubs in the United States
  • a study on declining waiting lists at clubs
  • characteristics club managers look for in job applicants
  • differences in equity and non-equity membership structures
  • an overview of the history of machine gambling in New South Wales
  • analyses of past issues of taxation legislation, employment relations, social issues, innovation, and others—and the need for further empirical study
  • how regulatory changes impact wage determination
  • the effects of legislation restrictions on gaming advertising, promotion, and external signage
  • analysis of the impact of clubs’ involvement with special events
  • consumer behavior in the club industry
  • a case study of a club’s failed attempt to tap into the youth market

Club Management Issues in Australia and North America is timely, informative reading for hospitality educators and students, hospitality professionals, and hospitality companies doing research in the private club industry.

  • Foreword
  • Preface
  • Declining Membership During an Economic Downturn in U.S. Private Clubs (Raymond R. Ferreira and Catherine M. Gustafson)
  • An Exploratory Study of Waiting Lists in Private Clubs (Candice E. Clemenz, Seehyung Kim, and Pamela A. Weaver)
  • Qualities and Characteristics Club Managers Look for in Entry Level Supervisors (Cary C. Countryman and Brett W. Horton)
  • Select Performance Differences in Equity and Non-Equity Membership Structures Within Private Clubs (Raymond R. Ferreira and Catherine M. Gustafson)
  • A History of Machine Gambling in the NSW Club Industry: From Community Benefit to Commercialisation (Nerilee Hing)
  • A Thematic Review of Australia’s Club Management Magazine, 1993-2003 (Lyndall Coomber, Szu-Hann Lee, Yun-Lok Lee, and Grant Cairncross)
  • A Comparison of Wage Determination in New South Wales and Queensland (Australian) Clubs (Jeremy Buultjens)
  • Strategic Management of External Change in NSW Registered Clubs (Helen Breen and Kate Innes)
  • Clubs and Hallmark Events: Two Australian Cases (Paul Weeks and Julie Adams)
  • Understanding Changing Patron Expectations of Club Offerings: A Consumer Behavioural Approach (Antony Drew and Anton Kriz)
  • ’The Trouble with Today’s Young Ones…’A Case Study of One Club’s Failed Attempt at Attracting the Youth Market (Leanne Baker)
  • Index
  • Reference Notes Included