The Romans' devotion to their past pervades almost every aspect of their culture. But the clearest image of how the Romans wished to interpret their past is found in their historical writings. This book examines in detail the major Roman historians:
* Sallust
* Livy
* Tacitus
* Ammianus
as well as the biographies written by:
* Nepos
* Tacitus
* Suetonius
* the Augustan History
* the autobiographies of Julius Caesar and the Emperor Augustus.

Ronald Mellor demonstrates that Roman historical writing was regarded by its authors as a literary not a scholarly exercise, and how it must be evaluated in that context. He shows that history writing reflected the political structures of ancient Rome under the different regimes.

chapter |5 pages


chapter 1|24 pages

Origins of Roman historiography

chapter 2|18 pages


chapter 3|28 pages


chapter 4|34 pages


chapter 5|22 pages

Ammianus Marcellinus

chapter 6|33 pages

Roman biography

chapter 7|20 pages

Autobiography at Rome

chapter 8|16 pages

Historical writing at Rome