This book is about the processes of globalization, demonstrated through a comparative study of three television case histories in Asia. Also illustrated are different approaches to providing television services in the world: public service (NHK in Japan), state (CCTV in China) and commercial (STAR TV, based in Hong Kong).

Through its focus, Global Media addresses a considerable lacuna in the media studies literature, which tends to have a heavy Western bias. It provides an original addition to the literature on globalization, which is often abstract and anecdotal, in addition to making a major contribution to comparative research in Asia. Finally, it offers a thoughtful causal layered analysis, with a concluding argument in favor of public service television.

chapter 1|24 pages

The Globalization Context

chapter 2|52 pages

Information, Television and News

chapter 3|54 pages

Case History I-Japan and NHK

chapter 4|55 pages

Case History 2-China and CCTV

chapter 5|22 pages

Case History 3-Hong Kong and STAR TV

chapter 6|22 pages

Conclusions-Meanwhile, Back in the Future