About Children and Children-no-longer is the long awaited collection of Paula Heimann's published and unpublished papers.

From the published work it includes the seminal paper 'On Countertransference' (1950); 'Dynamics and Transference Interpretations' (1956); 'Some Notes on Sublimation' (1959); and 'Notes on the Anal Stage' (1962). In addition, more recent works are published here in English for the first time, describing the author's particular integration of theory and technique.

Paula Heimann's ideas on an undifferentiated early phase of infant development and its implications for analytic technique, along with her unique knowledge of both Kleinian object relations and classical theory and technique, make her work very relevant both to present-day practice and the understanding of the historical development of some central psychoanalytic ideas.

chapter |12 pages

Editor’s introduction

chapter 4|5 pages

On counter-transference (1949/50)

chapter 8|12 pages

Some notes on sublimation (1957/9)

chapter 9|10 pages

Notes on early development (1958)

chapter 10|8 pages

Counter-transference (1959/60)

chapter 12|12 pages

Notes on the anal stage (1961/2b)