This work presents a composite view of medieval English university life. The author offers detailed insights into the social and economic conditions of the lives of students, their teaching masters and fellows. The experiences of college benefactors, women and university servants are also examined, demonstrating the vibrancy they brought to university life. The second half of the book is concerned with the complex methods of teaching and learning, the regime of studies taught, the relationship between the universities in Oxford and Cambridge, as well as the relationship between "town" and "gown".

chapter 1|54 pages

The undergraduate experience

chapter 2|40 pages

The postgraduate experience

chapter 3|26 pages

Commoners: undergraduate and mature

chapter 4|28 pages

The academic periphery

chapter 5|34 pages

Teaching and learning

chapter 6|30 pages

Urban relations, recreations and entertainments

Relations with the town

chapter 7|24 pages

Government and administration