Presenting twenty individual grammar points in lively and realistic contexts, Basic Spanish is an accessible reference grammar with related exercises in one, easy to follow volume. Beginning with the simpler aspects of Spanish and progressing on to more complex areas, each chapter contains grammar points that are followed by examples and exercises selected to reinforce the topic.

A first-class introduction to the language, features of this practical book include:

* authentic reading texts to encourage an understanding of Spain and Spanish-speaking countries

* reference to Latin American usage where appropriate

* abundant exercises with full answer key

* glossary of grammatical terms.

Clearly presented and user-friendly, Basic Spanish provides readers with the basic tools to express themselves in a wide variety of situations, making it an ideal reference and practice resource for both beginners and students with some knowledge of the language.

Pronunciation and Stress  Unit 1. Nouns and Articles  Unit 2. Numbers, Times and Dates  Unit 3. Subject Pronouns and Present Tense of Regular Verbs  Unit 4. Present Tense of Common Irregular Verbs  Unit 5. Interrogatives  Unit 6. Negatives  Unit 7. Adjectives and Adverbs  Unit 8. Ser and estar  Unit 9. Demonstratives  Unit 10. Comparatives and Superlatives  Unit 11. Object Pronouns  Unit 12. Gustar  Unit 13. Radical Changing Verbs  Unit 14. Reflexive Verbs  Unit 15. Present Continuous Tense  Unit 16. Possessives  Unit 17. Preterite Tense  Unit 18. Imperfect Tense  Unit 19. Perfect and Pluperfect Tenses  Unit 20. Future Tense.  Key to Exercises.  Glossary of Grammatical Terms.  Index