First published in 2002. Dr. Leslie Sklair is a Reader in Sociology at LSE. He took his BA (hons) in Sociology and Philosophy from Leeds University and his MA in Sociology from McMaster University in Canada. He received his PhD from LSE, and his thesis, Sociology of Progress, was published by Routledge in 1970.

part |2 pages

part one The history of the idea of progress

chapter I|14 pages

The roots of the idea of progress

chapter II|18 pages

Progress and the European enlightenment

chapter IV|16 pages

Progress and evolution

chapter V|16 pages

The decline of optimism

chapter VI|20 pages

Progress as a contemporary problem

part |2 pages

part two A sociological theory of progress

chapter VII|26 pages

Two concepts of progress

chapter VIII|10 pages

The sociological ethic (1)

chapter IX|16 pages

The sociological ethic (2)

chapter X|26 pages

The search for functional requisites

chapter XI|14 pages

Needs, morals and society

chapter XIII|14 pages

7 The biological time-bomb

chapter XIV|8 pages