In seeking to understand society sociologists in the Public Policy, Welfare and Scoial Work set of the International Library of Sociology consider the policy and planning implications of attempts to respond to and meet social needs by the Church, Civil Service, Industry and Voluntary Organizations.

part |1 pages

Part One: Housing Needs

chapter I|6 pages

Sources and Definitions

chapter II|12 pages

Household Formation, 1931–1951

chapter III|18 pages

The 1951 Housing Situation

chapter IV|10 pages

Household Formation 1951–1978

chapter V|7 pages

The Problem of Replacement

chapter VI|5 pages

Conclusion: Housing Needs 1958–1978

part |1 pages

Part Two: Planning Policy

chapter |1 pages


chapter VII|7 pages

Post-War Planning Policy

chapter VIII|43 pages


chapter IX|27 pages


chapter X|15 pages

The Present Impasse

chapter XI|23 pages

Overspill—A Re-examination

chapter XII|22 pages

Towards a Policy