Fully updated and in line with latest specifications, this textbook integrates vehicle maintenance procedures, making it the indispensable first classroom and workshop text for all students of motor vehicle engineering, apprentices and keen amateurs. Its clear, logical approach, excellent illustrations and step-by-step development of theory and practice make this an accessible text for students of all abilities.

With this book, students have information that they can trust because it is written by an experienced practitioner and lecturer in this area. This book will provide not only the information required to understand automotive engines but also background information that allows readers to put this information into context.

The book contains flowcharts, diagnostic case studies, detailed diagrams of how systems operate and overview descriptions of how systems work. All this on top of step-by-step instructions and quick reference tables. Readers won't get bored when working through this book with questions and answers that aid learning and revision included.

Vehicle layouts and some simple vehicle structures. Engine principles. The main moving parts of an engine. Multi-cylinder engines. Firing orders and engine balance. Crankshaft, camshaft, and valve operating mechanisms. A petrol fuel system. Motor fuels. Carburettors. Petrol injection - introduction. Air supply and exhaust systems. Lubricants and engine lubrication. Cooling systems. Internal combustion engines. The compression ignition engine - diesel engine. Diesel fuel systems. Engine fault diagnosis. Transmission. Electronically controlled automatic transmission. Suspension systems. Braking systems. Steering, wheels, and tyres. Power-assisted steering. Computer (ECU)-controlled systems. Electrical and electronic principles. Vehicle electrical systems. Ignition systems. Electrical systems and circuits. Electrical and electronic fault diagnosis. Nuts, bolts, and spanners. Measuring instruments and measurement. Motor industry organizations and career paths. Appendices. Index.