Alf Yarwood provides a practical, structured course of work matched to the latest release of AutoCAD. After introducing first principles and the creation of 2D technical drawings, he goes on to demonstrate the construction of 3D solid drawings, surface model drawings and rendering. All the new features of the 2010 software release are taken into account and the increasing emphasis on 3D solid modelling in the software is reflected in the book. The 2D chapters are also suitable for those learning how to use AutoCAD LT 2010.

Suitable for all new users of AutoCAD, this book is particularly applicable to vocational and introductory level undergraduate courses in engineering and construction. Further Education students in the UK will find this an ideal textbook to cater for the City & Guilds 4353 and 2303 qualifications and the relevant CAD units of BTEC National and BTEC Higher National Engineering and Construction schemes from Edexcel. Many Foundation Degrees also contain CAD modules for which this book can be of use.

Readers will also be able to visit a free companion website at https://books.elsevier.com/companions/9781856178686, where they will find worked solutions and AutoCAD drawing files of stages and results for the exercises in the book, as well as further exercises and multiple-choice questions with answers.

part |1 pages

Part 1 – 2D Design

chapter 1|24 pages

Introducing AutoCAD 2010

chapter 2|21 pages

Introducing drawing

chapter 3|32 pages

Draw tools, Object Snap and Dynamic Input

chapter 4|18 pages

Zoom, pan and templates

chapter 5|29 pages

The Modify tools

chapter 6|20 pages

Dimensions and Text

chapter 7|14 pages

Orthographic and Isometric

chapter 8|13 pages


chapter 9|14 pages

Blocks and Inserts

chapter 10|17 pages

Other types of fi le format

chapter 11|11 pages

Sheet sets

part |1 pages

Part 2 – 3D Design

chapter 12|31 pages

Introducing 3D modelling

chapter 13|11 pages

3D models in viewports

chapter 14|26 pages

The modifi cation of 3D models

chapter 15|30 pages

. Rendering

chapter 16|18 pages

Building drawing

chapter 17|23 pages

Three- d imensional space

chapter 18|14 pages

Editing 3D solid models

chapter 19|17 pages

Other features of 3D modelling

part |1 pages

Part 3 – Internet tools and design

chapter 20|7 pages

Internet Tools and Help

chapter 21|5 pages

Design and AutoCAD 2010