modo is one of the most exciting 3D applications to come out in ages. With its revolutionary toolset, inspiring 3D rendering engine, and advanced ergonomics it promises to offer tremendous advantages to almost any segment within the CGI and graphics industry.

This book teaches artists how to use modo to maximize benefits with the shortest learning curve. To not only identify and exploit the power of the modo toolset, but to also show the tremendous advantages of learning and implementing modo to any who could derive a benefit by doing so.

McKay Hawkes will illuminate modo with clear, motivating, entertaining and stylized pages. This book will inspire and intrigue readers with captivating imagery, strong emotional draw, pertinent industry information, real world observations, and valuable tips & tricks.

The companion web site (hosted on Luxology's web site) will include an online tutorial video relating to the creation of the inspiring cover art and all relating support files.

HyperReal - modo
The Definitive Guide to Photorealistic 3D imaging with modo

Chapter 1 - Riding the exponential curve - A brief history in graphics and 3D technology -

20 years of industry observation -
Disruptive technology
Technological demands of the market on the digital artist -
A new age in digital imaging
Luck favors the prepared

Chapter 2 - Say hello to modo

What is modo? -
the modo interface -
the modo architecture -
expandability -
customisation -
the online community -
educational training and resources -
That's so modo - the modo philosophy
The future of modo

Chapter 3 - Integrating modo into your production pipeline

Photography, retouching and print production -
Interactive imaging-
Packaging -
Pre-visualisation -
Specials effect and animation studios -
Other uses

Chapter 4 - Modeling - tools, tips and techniques

The modo toolset
Action centers, Falloffs, and workplanes
mesh-based sculpting
image-based sculpting
Hard surface modeling -
organic modeling -
mesh and topology -
morph maps -
Using macros and scripts -

Chapter 5 - UV Mapping - for people who hate UV mapping

Chapter 6 - Shader development - Keys to creating efficient and accurate materials

Chapter 7 - Advanced shader techniques using Photoshop

Chapter 8 - Animation - Adding life and interactivity to your scene

Chapter 9 - Camera and staging - Bringing it all in focus

Chapter 10 - HyperReal - Achieving inspirational lighting and rendering

Chapter 11 - Repurposing digital assets for different uses

Chapter 12 - Art directing the 3D workflow

Chapter 13 - Working with CADs - Revolutionary workflows with Solidworks

Includes exclusive information on to be released NDA material with Luxology

Bonus Chapter - Interviews with the pros

PENDING!! interviews with industry professionals from Pixar and ILM

Bonus WEB SITE Material - Creating the Cover - a complete tutorial
This would include a how-to chapter on the creation of a stunning piece of digital art for the cover.