This is the classic practical introduction to the broad principles of building management. It is suitable for both students and practising construction professionals who are concerned with greater efficiency within the construction industry.

As a general textbook for the student, the introduction covers the entire field in some depth providing a firm foundation for additional reading. The text is closely geared to the chartered Institute of Building (Member) Parts I and II examinations. The book includes examples based upon and related to working experience. It will also be found valuable by students reading for the examinations of other professional bodies in the construction industry, and by HNC/D students.

Introduction: The meaning of management; The role of industry in society; Management in Principle: Historical; Processes; Organization; Behavioural science; Communications; Management in Practice: Corporate planning; Finance; Marketing; Design, research and development; Personnel; Office organization and methods; Purchasing; Plant management; Construction planning; Site layout and organization; Contract supervision; Management Techniques: Statistics and sampling; Work Study; Terms used in CPM; Metric conversion factors; Index.