The control and organisation of the flow of goods in the supply chain is of vital importance to industry and commerce, including manufacturing industrial enterprises, where the timely and efficient delivery of their output at an economic cost is of great concern. This book considers the out-bound supply chain and the associated out-bound logistics ie the flow of goods from the point of production or manufacture to the point of consumption. In doing so, it has to cover a range of management topics and techniques, including measures of performance, order management and forecasting, stock management and management of the supply chain.

Written in clear and jargon-free language, this book, whilst intended primarily students of engineering and manufacturing, at 3rd year undergraduate and postgraduate level, would also be of interest to logistics and operations management students. Typical examination questions are included.

chapter |2 pages


chapter 1|14 pages

Objectives and Measures of Performance

chapter 2|21 pages

Order Management and Forecasting

chapter 3|24 pages

Stock Management

chapter 4|23 pages


chapter 5|22 pages

Managing the Supply Chain

chapter 6|15 pages

International Distribution and e-Business