Designed to make life a little easier by providing all the theoretical background necessary to understand sound reproduction, backed up with practical examples. Specialist terms - both musical and physical - are defined as they occur and plain English is used throughout. Analog and digital audio are considered as alternatives, and the advantages of both are stressed.

Audio is only as good as the transducers employed, and consequently microphone and loudspeaker technology also feature heavily - making this the most comprehensive, up-to-date text currently available on all aspects of sound reproduction.

chapter 1|20 pages


chapter 2|53 pages

Audio basics

chapter 3|37 pages

Sound and psychoacoustics

chapter 4|28 pages

Sources of sound

chapter 5|20 pages


chapter 6|35 pages

Loudspeakers and headphones

chapter 7|25 pages


chapter 8|82 pages

Digital audio signals

chapter 9|43 pages

Analog audio recording

chapter 10|53 pages

Digital recording

chapter 11|51 pages

Optical disks in digital audio

chapter 12|16 pages

Audio editing

chapter 13|55 pages

Audio signal processing

chapter 14|24 pages

Sound quality considerations