Learn all about Codecs--how they work, as well as design and implementation with this comprehensive, easy-to-use guide to compression. After reading this book, you will be able to prepare and distribute professional audio and video on any platform including streamed to the web, broadcast on-air, stored in PVRs, Burned onto CD-ROMs or DVDs, delivered by broadband, or viewed in Kiosk applications, PDA devices, and mobile phones.

chapter 1|14 pages

Introduction to Video Compression,

chapter 2|20 pages

Why Video Compression Is Needed,

chapter 3|8 pages

What Are We Trying to Compress?

chapter 4|34 pages


chapter 5|38 pages


chapter 6|32 pages

Digital Image Formats,

chapter 7|24 pages

Matters Concerning Audio,

chapter 8|16 pages

Choosing the Right Codec,

chapter 9|8 pages

How Encoders Work,

chapter 10|22 pages

The MPEG-1 Codec,

chapter 11|10 pages

The MPEG-2 Codec,

chapter 12|10 pages

The MPEG-4 Part 2 Codec,

chapter 13|14 pages

The H.264 Codec,

chapter 14|14 pages

Encoded Output Delivered as a Bit Stream,

chapter 15|12 pages

Live Encoding,

chapter 16|24 pages

Files and Storage Formats,

chapter 17|6 pages

Tape Formats

chapter 19|12 pages

Network Delivery Mechanisms,

chapter 20|18 pages


chapter 21|10 pages

Players and Platforms,

chapter 22|10 pages

Windows Media,

chapter 23|14 pages


chapter 24|10 pages

Real Networks,

chapter 25|8 pages

Other Player Alternatives,

chapter 26|12 pages

Putting Video on the Web,

chapter 27|12 pages

Digital Television,

chapter 28|6 pages

Digital Video on the Move,

chapter 29|38 pages

Building Your Encoding Hardware,

chapter 30|38 pages

Setting Up Your Encoding Software,

chapter 31|8 pages

Preparing to Encode Your Video,

chapter 32|8 pages

Ingesting Your Source Content,

chapter 33|12 pages

Temporal Preprocessing,

chapter 34|18 pages

Spatial Preprocessing,

chapter 35|14 pages

Color Correction,

chapter 36|18 pages

Cutting Out the Noise,

chapter 37|12 pages

Preparing the Audio for Encoding,

chapter 38|8 pages

Encoding—Go for It!,

chapter 39|20 pages

Where Shall We Go Next?

chapter |6 pages

Appendix A Problem Solver,

chapter |6 pages

Appendix B Hardware Suppliers,

chapter C|6 pages

Appendix C Software Suppliers,

chapter |2 pages

Appendix D Film Stock Sizes,

chapter |2 pages

Appendix E Video Raster Sizes,

chapter |4 pages

Appendix F MPEG-2 Profiles and Levels,

chapter |12 pages

Appendix G MPEG-4 Profiles and Levels,

chapter |4 pages

Appendix H ISMA Profiles,

chapter I|12 pages

Appendix I File Types,

chapter |2 pages

Appendix J Source-Video Formats,

chapter |4 pages

Appendix K Source-Audio Formats,

chapter L|4 pages

Appendix L Formats Versus Players,

chapter |14 pages

Appendix M Connectors,

chapter |24 pages


chapter |2 pages


chapter |20 pages