'Business Strategy: an introduction' is an accessible textbook that provides a straightforward guide for those with little or no knowledge of the subject. It presents complex issues and concepts in a clear and compact manner, so that readers gain a clear understanding of the topics addressed.

The following features are included:

* A comprehensive introduction to the subjects of business strategy and strategic management
* Complex issues explained in a straightforward way for students new to this topic
* Student friendly learning features throughout
* Case studies of varying lengths with questions included for assignment and seminar work
* A discussion of both traditional theory and the most recent research in the field

This second edition features new and updated case studies as well as more depth having been added to the material in the book. New chapters on business ethics, types and levels of strategy, and how to use case studies have been incorporated. A range of pedagogical features such as learning objectives, review and discussion questions, chapter summaries and further reading are included in the text resulting in it being a user-friendly, definitive guide for those new to the subject.

A web-based Tutor Resource Site accompanies the book.

part |6 pages

Part I An introduction to the strategic process

chapter 1|24 pages

Strategy and strategicmanagement

chapter |1 pages

Part II Internal analysis

chapter 3|16 pages

Human resources and culture

chapter 5|27 pages

Products andmarkets

part |2 pages

Part III External analysis

part |2 pages

Part IV Strategic implementation andmanagement

chapter 9|11 pages

Evaluation and selection of strategies

chapter 10|18 pages

Strategic implementation

chapter 13|23 pages

International andglobal strategies

chapter 14|14 pages

Social responsibility andbusiness ethics

part |1 pages

Part V Case studies

chapter |2 pages

Learning outcomes grid

chapter |5 pages

Suggested case questions

chapter 1|140 pages

Pilkington and its float glass innovation