The fifth edition of a classic text features important updates that reflect the enormous changes that have taken place in recent years - the Internet as an important information transmission format that is here to stay and convergence among media. This edition features thorough discussions on the Internet and convergence, as well as reflects the latest information on broadcast and cable regulations and policies. It also includes a fresh batch of case studies, and study questions. As in previous editions, this book also covers management theory, audience analysis, broadcast promotion, and marketing.

chapter 1|30 pages

Broadcast Station Management

chapter 2|30 pages

Financial Management

chapter 3|40 pages

Human Resource Management

chapter 4|46 pages

Broadcast Programming

chapter 5|44 pages

Broadcast Sales

chapter 6|30 pages

Broadcast Promotion and Marketing

chapter 7|38 pages

Broadcast Regulations

chapter 8|28 pages

Managing the Cable Television System

chapter 9|40 pages

Public Broadcast Station Management

chapter 10|40 pages